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Reducing Driver Stress by Fleet Harmony Fleet Maintenance Software

Avoiding excessive stress on any piece of equipment will add longevity to the investment you have made in your fleet. However, your fleet goes nowhere without a driver. Therefore, it makes reasonable sense that reducing driver stress should also be factored into your fleet management plan.

Truck driving is considered to be one of the most dangerous professions in North America, and it’s stressful!

Bad road conditions, equipment malfunction, traffic, pickup and delivery issues, and deadlines all cause driver stress. Plus there's the added stress of being away from family.

All of these stresses take a toll on the body resulting in impatience, frustration, and sometimes long and short term ailments and sicknesses.

While it is impossible to control the everyday and normal stresses associated with driving a truck, some of the stresses from an operations perspective can be controlled and minimized with proper planning, action, and follow up.

Keeping your equipment clean, current, and fleet maintenance up to date can help reduce driver stress.

Drivers, especially those that do not share equipment, often view your equipment as their own and take great pride in its appearance. Keep your equipment clean and up to date with regularly scheduled fleet maintenance. To help minimize the stress of fleet maintenance, consider implementing fleet management software to assist with maintenance scheduling, reporting, and accident management.

Fix what is broken, regardless how small or insignificant. Sometimes the repair that costs $25 to fix actually causes the most stress and frustration in terms of equipment operation. Plus, implementing a “fix everything” policy will pay dividends at auction time when it’s time to retire the piece of equipment from your fleet.

Improve trip planning and communications. Streamline your operation and make it easier for your operations and drivers to do their job.

Be fair and reasonable with your drivers and the deadlines you place on them. Drivers often over think their frustrations, especially during long hours alone on the road. Drivers that worry about getting there on time also have a tendency to rush and drive irresponsibly.

Encourage regular exercise, even if it’s a brisk walk around their trucks on breaks.

Encourage walking or participation in recreational sports outside of driving a truck.

Encourage healthy eating. Your drivers will feel better at the end of the day and less tired with the right food in their body. While this is hard for drivers on the road, it's not impossible. 12v coolers cost under $100 and are a perfect accessory for the cab to store bottled water, fruit, and healthy snacks, as opposed to the club house and fries at the local truck stop.

Finally, give your drivers an open forum to speak on their issues and concerns during your regularly scheduled safety meetings. Be open to their suggestions and take all suggestions seriously. Drivers that feel management has their back are going to be happier and more content at the helm of your equipment, and better able to cope with the normal stresses and hazards associated with driving a truck on North American roads.

Want to find out how Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software can improve your fleet’s performance? Contact Fleet Harmony today. Fleet Harmony will equip you with the right software tools, including: Fleet Maintenance Software, IFTA Software, Accident Management Software, and more.

Best of all, Fleet Harmony has a strong reputation for service and solid software design services team to help you as you grow your business.

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