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Repair Shop Software Enhancements in Fleet Harmony Cloud Maintenance Management

Companies and organizations that maintain other vehicles in addition to their own private fleets at their repair shops and facilities often find themselves performing fleet maintenance and repairs on equipment that is not owned or affiliated with their company.

Sometimes it is an occasional favour for friend or business partner. In other cases, outside sales represents a percentage of annual revenue. Regardless of the reason, using the right repair shop software that can accommodate either scenario will make it easier for technicians, fleet managers, and administration to perform their tasks and help ensure you get paid for your work.

The key is in the ability of your repair shop software to enable you to record maintenance work orders for outside work as easily as you can for your own equipment, keeping the paper flow consistent.

Some companies attempt to track and record these sales in a fleet maintenance spreadsheet and then manually transpose the entries to their small business accounting package, such as SAGE Simply Accounting and QuickBooks. However, a fleet maintenance spreadsheet is not a proper fleet management software solution and there are pitfalls in using this method. Click here to learn more.

Fleet Maintenance Software Enhancements to the Maintenance Work Order Page

With Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software version 6.9.9.E, there is enhanced support for performing outside maintenance and repairs just as easily as your own.

One of the safeguards built into our fleet maintenance software is the protection of the year, make, model, VIN, and & plate number textboxes on the work order page for your own fleet. However, having the ability to enter and track this fleet management information for customers is most often a requirement.

Now, when a customer is selected from the customer dropdown list, the year, make, model, VIN, and & plate number textboxes are unprotected, so that now you can enter this fleet information on the fly, save it, and later retrieve it. Easily!

On the work orders list page, the Quick Search dropdown contains a number of maintenance work orders searches, including: year, make, model, VIN, and & plate number. The system accepts partial entry of the make, model, VIN, and plate, making looking up maintenance work orders for your customers fast and easy.

Also, as a reminder, you are also able to export Sage Compatible Invoices from Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software. Click here to learn more.

IFTA Software Enhancements

Prior to this release, the IFTA quarterly fuel tax report generated by the IFTA software contained all provinces and states, along with all fuel types covered under the IFTA agreement.

Thanks to Karen, the IFTA quarterly fuel tax report now prints only those states, provinces, and fuel types that have been entered in as trips within the IFTA software.


We hope these enhancements to the repair shop software and the IFTA software make your fleet management easier. Fleet Harmony is fleet management for small business.

Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software also includes fleet accident management software that consolidates all accidents, integrates with the fleet maintenance software and helps keep you organized.

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