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Sage Compatible Invoices and Shipment Tracking Software

A critical part of making our business work as efficiently as possible is to ensure the best possible integration with accounting software. SAGE Accounting is the premier small business management programs, used worldwide. We have taken steps to ensure that our shipment tracking software works flawlessly and can be easily integrated with SAGE software.

Need your shipment tracking software to create sage compatible invoices?  Contact Fleet Harmony.

Let's review the SAGE Compatible invoices process.

Fleet Harmony allows you to batch invoices as opposed to processing 1 invoice at a time which can be very time consuming. You can print 1 invoice is you must.

All dollar amounts are entered under the Add/ Edit Loads screen, including base rate, accessorial / extra charges, fuel surcharge, and discounts. The system automatically calculates the tax based on the destination province or state. The user also assigns the split amount or percentage between trucks and trailers for revenue accounting. The user confirms the shipment before generating the invoice—making sure all essential data has been entered. The confirm function validates that all data is complete and locks the shipment from additional changes. The confirm function is traditionally tailored to include additional edit checks that the individual user could require to ensure data integrity and consistency for reporting.

You are now in a position to begin the invoicing run. From the invoice menu, you have several options;

  • You can generate an audit report, which will enumerate the invoices and revenues in the batch.

  • You can export the invoice to the PDF format.

  • You can export to SAGE, which will do a pre-edit check to ensure that customers are validated, ensures proper revenue accounts, and which performs tax validation.

Press enter. The program will now perform an edit check:

  • A physical copy will be printed.

  • An audit report will be printed.

  • A copy will be saved to PDF format, if that has been selected.

  • A SAGE import file will be prepared.

  • You may also select Send Email Invoices Automatically, which will send the invoices in the batch to the specified emails. A copy will also go to your own email account for your records and so you can be confident the emails went through successfully.

Finally, you can click the Post to SAGE button which is now displayed. This will launch the SAGE import program, where you can log on, and then all your invoices will be imported. The Sage invoice will have the same invoice number as in the shipment tracking software will contain basic info such as billing customer, GL, amounts, and taxes.

Fleet Harmony's software design services can even create a custom invoice layout based on your existing sage invoice, including logo, comments, and more. The Fleet Harmony invoice will actually look better.

Fleet Harmony shipment tracking software makes it far easier than ever before to create sage compatible invoices for SAGE 50 Accounting Software.

Ready to learn more, contact us today to set up a demo and like us on facebook.

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