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Setting up Fleet Harmony Fleet Maintenance Software

Most Internet based software and fleet maintenance software companies provide you with the tools needed to setup the system and import your data, and give you an email address to send questions to. However, they provide little guidance or training aside from some documentation or a YouTube video, unless you want to pay for a hidden charge. That’s great if you have a tech savvy staff with lots of time on their hands and can wait 24 hours for a response to questions, or you don’t mind being surprised with extra fees.

Fleet Harmony fleet maintenance software includes assisted setup from a live person.  Imagine!

Fleet Harmony fleet maintenance software is different. We have absorbed the cost and developed our fleet maintenance software, and we sell service, and that includes the setup process. Because we are there every step of the way, you can be sure of a successful installation.

Discovery Process

Initially, we ask a lot of questions to gain an understanding of your operation. We identify and document those idiosyncrasies that make your business unique. We learn about your needs from your perspective, and make our own assessments for your review and consideration.

Working together we formulate a plan, and immediately begin working the plan. It becomes a daily ritual. Using our logical step by step approach, you will learn how to use Fleet Harmony at a pace that is not overwhelming and is even fun. Through this process, you will even learn things about your own fleet that you were not aware of.

Data Import

The majority of data such as your supplier address book, parts, and fleet information is often stored on spreadsheets or can be easily saved to spreadsheet from your accounting software. As part of setup, we import your data for you, and eliminate the need for a massive data entry effort.

Warranty import

Warranties for trucks, trailers, and equipment can be a complicated menu of components; each with unique warranty periods and circumstances. Fleet Harmony will assist you in dissecting these into a format that is consistent and makes sense.

Service triggers

Scheduling service triggers is easy with Fleet Harmony. For each unit, up to 20 unique service triggers can be setup. If you need more, we will make allowances for it. The design of our fleet maintenance software is very flexible, and because of this we work with you on implementing a service trigger strategy suitable for your needs.

Work Orders

We will review your existing forms and invoices, and create a custom form(s); including your logo. In fact, in the vast majority of cases, forms generated with Fleet Harmony – fleet maintenance software will look better, and more professional than what you are using now; because they are customized to you.


We review our existing reports, and identify those that need modifications (if any) to suit your specific needs.

Going Live

Finally, when you are ready to go live, we make sure our support people are at the ready to assist you with questions or any unforeseen issues as they arise.

Are you ready to start saving time and money tracking the maintenance of your fleet? Contact us at Fleet Harmony and like us on Facebook.

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