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Standardizing fleet maintenance procedures with Fleet Harmony

It goes without saying that any piece of equipment that is maintained on a timely basis with a standard and consistent set of procedures will operate more efficiently and be less prone to breakdown.

Shift your fleet maintenance into high gear while maintaining shop standards with Fleet Harmony fleet maintenance software.

It is therefore important that any company that operates a commercial fleet of vehicles to have standardized maintenance procedures in place and followed by its staff. This is often a requirement in order to stay in compliance with WHMIS standards, Department of Transportation regulations for many provinces and states, and for an increasing number of insurance companies. Standardized fleet maintenance procedures also help ensure that your equipment is maintained in accordance with company policy, with equipment specifications, and with recommended guidelines.

While some companies that maintain their equipment without fleet maintenance software often have documents that they print and share among their staff, this practice can be cumbersome and prone to error. Most often, companies and fleet managers with the best of intentions attempt to use this method for storing and sharing maintenance procedures. However, more often than not, they fail and are abandoned for a variety of reasons. These procedures are stored as a word document. They are frequently not stored centrally. They are not automatically generated every time a fleet maintenance work order is generated. And because these procedures are stored as a document that can be shared, multiple copies often exist and are used on the shop floor that may or may not contain the most current or most up-to-date revisions - resulting in confusion.

With Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management, maintaining maintenance procedures can be done with an easy-to-use software solution designed for your maintenance procedure challenges. All maintenance procedures are stored centrally and associated with a specific maintenance task / service trigger. You can copy and paste updates and revisions directly from manufacturer or corporate documentation. Updates are applied instantly and take effect the next time a work order is printed. Multiple versions of the same maintenance procedure are eliminated. And because maintenance procedures are automatically printed along with the work order, fleet maintenance procedures are followed more consistently on the shop floor or with 3rd party truck repair service providers. Fleet managers also have the option to have maintenance and repair staff check off and sign off on performed maintenance procedures - adding a level of accountability to their repair and service centre staff. Plus, with Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management, you can even update these procedures while away from the office, where you as a fleet manager often are most productive in terms of planning.

Fleet Harmony fleet maintenance software can help your company establish standardized fleet maintenance procedures with the easiest and most affordable heavy equipment repair management software program on the market today. Unlimited training and support is included with each subscription; so you never are alone.

Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management software is completely different. Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management allows you to manage repairs and expenses, fuel costs, and invoicing. It also includes IFTA software, and reports for driver payroll software for small business.

Need something specific. Fleet Harmony's software design services can help.

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