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Start the new year with Fleet Harmony Online Fleet Maintenance Software

Fleet Harmony Online Fleet Maintenance Software includes a number of new features to start the New Year.

Lots of new features to start the New Year from Fleet Harmony Online Fleet Maintenance Software will make maintenance management easier.

New sorting features on most pages

We added a new “Sort by” feature throughout the system to add more flexibility. The Sort by feature gives you more control over how you view the data.

Fleet List and Main Dashboard page

The Fleet List page and the Main Dashboard/ Home page contained almost identical information. Therefore, we integrated both pages into one home page to make it much easier to navigate, and to allow you to take advantage of the new “Sort by” feature. The Fleet List page option under the “Fleet” menu has been removed.

The home page still displays upcoming and past due maintenance, but now the maintenance status of your entire fleet is available by scrolling down the page. No more flipping through multiple pages on the main dashboard screen.

We added the department column to the fleet list page, as well as a corresponding search option.

We fixed the annoying extra click that was required when updating ad-hoc reminders for fleet units.

Reminders Section on Home page

This reminders section has been redundant for awhile now and is contained on the equipment page. It has been removed.

Maintenance Status Report

The maintenance status report can be generated from the home page by pressing the blue “Print” button. We made some subtle changes to this report to make it much easier to read. The report details are now based on the search criteria.

Work Order page

The Work Order page has been modified to now allow up to 30 parts per work order. Previously, the system only allowed 25. We chose 30 because it was the most we could fit on a single printed work order page without major alterations to the layout of the printed work order.

If more than 30 parts per work order are required, please contact us for customized programming options.

Fuel List and Fuel Entry Page

A new status column has been added to the Fuel List page, along with some additional searches.

New search function

Previously, when no records were found for any search, the screen remained blank. Now, when no records are found for a given search, a message is displayed.


Fleet Harmony is committed to delivering real world fleet maintenance software, along with an IFTA calculator integrated into the software. We also provide AS400 consulting and web design services for those organizations with specialized needs.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact us toll free at 844-527-6669 at your earliest convenience, visit us on the web at

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