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Summer maintenance and driving trips by Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Maintenance Software.

just around the corner or is already well under way; depending where you are in North America. With that in mind, it’s time to review and adjust our driving habits and maintenance procedures for the summer months.

Review your maintenance records

With summer generally being the busiest for most companies, keeping your fleet maintenance software up-to-date often takes a backseat to operations.

Make sure your MVI and other safety inspections are up-to-date. Police and vehicle compliance officials are more likely to increase their roadside inspections in the summer when weather is more favorable. A quick check of your fleet maintenance software to see what’s due can prevent a fine.

Fleet maintenance / trucking software will also help you stay on top of services that may be coming due; enabling you to make decisions about performing maintenance earlier to help keep your fleet on the road, in compliance, and running at peak efficiency.

Consider scheduling a summer preventative maintenance task for each unit in your fleet. Most fleet maintenance software allows you to define and schedule maintenance in advance as you ramp up your operation for the upcoming busy summer season.

Because heating and air conditioning use the same coolant, flushing your radiators antifreeze will keep your engine running cool. This basic maintenance should be performed at least annually. You may also want to consider changing hoses and belts as part of this annual maintenance.

Keep your vehicles clean. Your vehicles will not only look better, their mechanical parts will last longer. Metals, shafts, joints, and the truck frame deteriorate much quicker if road salt from winter and spring are left unwashed.

Vehicle inspection

Check and inspect your vehicle to make sure everything is working properly; not just what is required by law, as it will help you avoid the worry and time-consuming costly repairs. Repair or replace worn parts to avoid the worry and time-consuming costly repairs that could ruin your trip.

Make sure your tires are inflated to their proper pressure. As the air warms, the air inside your tires will lose its density - leading to under-inflation, and pre-mature tire wear.

Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Maintenance Software can help ease the burden of maintenance management. You can even manage your fleet’s maintenance records from anywhere - even while at the cottage!

Keep safe

Whether you’re a long haul truck driver, or just out with your family, driver safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Most accidents occur during the summer months, more than at any other time of year - including the winter season - due to the increased traffic on our roadways. The Canada Safety Council estimates that 85 percent of collisions are preventable.

  • Drive at a safe speed. Speed is the # 1 cause of all highway fatalities.

  • Leave yourself at least 3 seconds behind vehicles you may be following.

  • Stay alert, drive defensively, and drive to arrive.

  • Share the road.

Watch out for:

  1. Kids who are on summer vacation.

  2. Motorcyclists and cyclists who can be easily hidden among other vehicles.

  3. Construction Zones.

  4. Other drivers that may be driving erratically.

Share these tips with all your drivers and enjoy a safe and incident-free summer.

For more driving and maintenance management tips or to learn more, checkout www.fleetharmony,com.

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