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Top 5 heavy equipment repair maintenance items

The top 5 equipment repair maintenance items according to the fleet managers we speak to.

Address your top 5 maintenance management concerns with Fleet Harmony's cloud-based fleet maintenance software

5. Cleaning

It is important that your trucks, trailers, and heavy equipment are kept clean. This allows operators to easily spot potential problems and issues via visual inspection. Clean all parts and components that may require maintenance; including around seals and hoses where grease and other debris can accumulate. Additionally, electronic systems in the cab are prone to breakdown when dirty. Clean equipment also prevents rust and corrosion.

4. Operator training

Often, heavy equipment is shared among multiple operators.

With the high turnover rate among truck drivers, operator training needs to be ongoing as employees come and go. Incorrect operation and shortcuts can lead to heavy equipment repair issues and breakdowns.

For companies with a large variety of trucks and heavy equipment, a quick reference and maintenance guide should be created for each unit. These can be laminated and placed inside the cab. It may be worth some consideration to put this information on your company web site. Reinforce this information at every safety meeting.

Consider holding monthly fleet safety meetings; they can help keep your staff educated and constantly aware of fleet safety and the need for safe driving - which will prolong the life of your equipment.

3. Preventative maintenance program

How much you save or spend on heavy equipment repair often rests with the preventative maintenance program you have in place. You should always refer to your manufacturer for the recommended maintenance for your equipment. Subtle differences exist between manufacturing of similar equipment. Following manufacturer guidelines will help keep your equipment running as designed, and will also help validate potential warranty claims on newer vehicles. Contact Fleet Harmony for more information on warranty solutions for your fleet.

Equipment that is stored during the off season needs to be winterized as part of your autumn maintenance.

Consider using preventative maintenance software to create and maintain an equipment maintenance checklist for each preventative maintenance procedure. Fleet Harmony fleet maintenance software can help.

2. Visual Inspection

Regular visual inspection is important not only as required by law, but can help identify these worn and damaged parts. Older equipment needs to be monitored more closely. Do not procrastinate in replacing or fixing worn or damaged parts that move.

1. Frequent lubrication

Performing regularly scheduled lubrication is the number 1 equipment repair maintenance item. Checking lubricants regularly can help diagnose problems and issues.

Lubricating extends equipment life and allows for a visual inspection for signs of excess oil, grease build-up, and leaks.

Always use the right lubricant. Check the manufacturer’s fleet maintenance guide for recommended guidelines for lubrication.

Have your oil analyzed by an expert. Contaminants contained in the oil will isolate parts that may be worn or broken.

Need help managing heavy equipment repair?

Addressing the above maintenance items at your shop can significantly extend the life of your equipment and improve your return on investment.

Fleet Harmony maintenance management software for the Cloud can help you manage your fleet of heavy equipment. It is affordable and super easy to use. Track parts, labour, and warranty using an easy to use maintenance work order screen. Fleet Harmony includes maintenance scheduling software that helps standardize maintenance procedures, plus, warranty management software.

Additionally, our fleet maintenance software software features an IFTA Calculator that is integrated with fleet maintenance, IFTA Reporting, and driver payroll.

Fleet Harmony can be an important part of your fleet and equipment safety strategy.

Contact us for more information about our IFTA software, shipment tracking software, and software design services. And stay tuned to this blog for more trucking fleet maintenance information.

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