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Track Core Charges with Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software.

We are pleased to provide these release notes for Fleet Harmony - Cloud Fleet maintenance Software, which includes a brand new Core Charge reporting process. If you have any questions, please contact us for more details.

Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Maintenance Software enables better core charge tracking.

Core Charges

A core charge is a deposit that is charged for parts that contain a recyclable component. Core charges are almost always invoiced when you purchase the part, and then credited back when the old part is returned. Therefore, due the cost, it is critical that core charges are tracked.

In speaking to Brenda, we realized that she was using a fleet maintenance spreadsheet to keep track of core charges. Recognizing that this was not a good way to manage this, we modified our fleet maintenance software to better accommodate her.

Tracking Core Charges with Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management software is very straightforward and will eliminate a fleet maintenance spreadsheet if you have such. Simply record the core charge as the part is entered on the work order. You can even save the core charge for subsequent uses of the part.

When the core is returned to the supplier, update the work order’s credit field. It is also advisable to update the Invoice number field or PO number field with the credit slip number issued by your supplier.

To manage outstanding core charges, use the new Core Charge Report. This report is located under the “Reports – Work Orders” menu. The report allows you to select date range selection and is sorted by unit ID. It prints the core charge, applicable taxes, and the credit amount field.

New Crediting Feature

You can now create a work order with negative parts or labour quantity which can result in a negative cost work order. When a negative quantity is entered for a part the following updates occur:

  • The parts file is NOT updated

  • The part warranty date is NOT saved for the unit.

  • Inventory quantity for the part is updated

Tracking Mechanics

We added a new option for tracking mechanics for those of you that do not wish to track labour hours and cost; but rather only the mechanic that performed the work. The new “Lead Mechanic” drop down is located in the Service Location panel. Enjoy, Heather!

Fleet Maintenance Software Fixes

Thanks to Ronnie who identified an issue that was causing the odometer or hours to not update the service trigger properly. When the date on a work order is changed to a prior date, even if the work order number was the same, it was not updating the service trigger properly for the unit. This issue has been fixed and only the part number must be unique.

Thanks to Christina who identified an issue when adding parts. The system was not allowing duplicate part descriptions to be saved. This too has been fixed.

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