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Track Labour Easier with Fleet Harmony Fleet Maintenance Software

We dipped into the customer suggestion box and added a number of enhancements to make our online fleet software even easier to use.

Tracking shop labour is even easier with Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet management.  Fleet Harmony is fleet software that is affordable and easy to use.

Work Order Page

We changed how labour costs are allocated and tracked on maintenance work orders.

When the labour checkbox is selected, a drop down list will now be displayed allowing you to select a mechanic. This change saves several mouse clicks required to retrieve the mechanic’s hourly rate and makes it much quicker and easier to use. A great idea thanks to Paula.

The lookup button [ ? ] remains in effect for parts lookup.

We also increased the size of the notes textbox to allow a little more of the notes to be visible. You can still scroll down the notes textbox to see complete details. Thanks for that suggestion Lynn.

Menu Changes

In version 6.9.5, we renamed a number of menus for better clarity:

  • “Odometers and Fuel” menu renamed to “Trips and Usage”

  • “Parts and Warranties” menu renamed to “Parts and Warranty”

  • “Usage Detail Report” menu renamed to “Trip Detail Report”

  • “Usage Summary Report” menu renamed to Trip Summary Report

Parts List Page

Thanks to Ben for identifying an issue with the Quick Search on the Parts List page.

The part number quick search option has been modified to avoid system lag, especially on larger parts databases. To use the search by part number, you are now required to enter at least 1 character of data in the part number textbox field. The same rule has been applied to the description quick search option.

Trips and Usage menu

Thanks for Karen for identifying an issue with the tab sequencing between the trip start and trip end dates. This has been fixed.

Also, as per Karen’s suggestion, on the Trip details panel, the date now automatically populates with the date from the previous line, and should save a few more clicks and keystrokes entering trip details into the system.


Got a suggestion or idea to make Fleet Harmony’s online fleet management software better? Contact us, we love helping customers.

Not using Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software yet? What’s holding you back? With packages for any sized fleet and budget, Fleet Harmony is the best fleet software deal on the market, and includes:

  • Easy to use fleet maintenance software to track equipment costs, part usage, core charges, ad-hoc reminders, maintenance scheduling, and more.

  • Comprehensivefleet accident management software

  • Fuel management software.

  • IFTA softwareto eliminate your IFTA spreadsheet

  • Tire management Software (work in progress)

  • Compatible with SAGE Simply Accounting, GeoTab, US Fleet tracking and more

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