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Using Fleet Harmony for maintenance planning and scheduling

One of the biggest features of Fleet Harmony is the ability to easily set up service schedules for your fleet by way of a service trigger.

Fleet harmony Fleet Maintenance Software makes maintenance planning and scheduling easy.

A service trigger is single fleet maintenance activity. Service triggers have an identifying name (i.e.: PM Inspection). They also have a reminder threshold and a service due threshold. (i.e.: Due every 90 days, remind at 60 days). Service triggers are grouped by fleet service type (i.e.: tractors). This allows for multiple service triggers to exist for each unit in the fleet; essentially a package of fleet maintenance services. These can be as simple or as complex as your needs dictate because of Fleet Harmony’s flexible design. Fleet Harmony can accommodate maintenance schedules for literally ALL types of equipment.

When a service trigger is applied to a fleet unit, the system will automatically alert you when that fleet unit has scheduled service coming due or when it is past due. This, along with the last service information, is displayed on the main dashboard / home screen when you first sign on to the system.

Service triggers allow you to be proactive in the maintenance of your fleet. They give you advance notice and provide management options in terms of when a scheduled maintenance service is performed - at a time that is most convenient for your shop or fleet maintenance service provider. Fleet managers are able to maximize their fleet’s productivity without compromising maintenance and compliance.

As a compliment to the service trigger feature, the fleet maintenance status report can be generated to show any scheduled maintenance that is upcoming and/or past due. It can be run to show all units in your fleet or only those that are past due or falling within the reminder range of the service trigger. This is an especially beneficial feature for those companies where heavy equipment repair is a major concern. And because the report is in PDF format, it can be easily printed, saved, shared and/or emailed to your dispatch and operations personnel, or other administration and management staff. It is a very handy report for fleet managers - especially for meetings and quick reference.

The fleet maintenance status report shows the scheduled service triggers that have been assigned to the fleet unit, along with when the service is past due or coming due for service. It shows the current odometer and hours meter readings, as well as the dates these readings were last captured. It also displays basic unit information.

Fleet Harmony is a worldwide pioneer of Cloud Fleet Maintenance Software applications. As part of our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and support (rare it seems these days), Fleet Harmony will work directly with you to help you understand, establish, and set up service triggers for your fleet.

To learn more about all the features, including our IFTA software, and reports to compliment your payroll software for small business, click the contact us button, or give us a call toll free at 1-844-527-6669. We are not a high pressure sales orientated company. We are here to help our customers.

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