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Using the maintenance reminder feature in Fleet Harmony Online

Small maintenance items such as issues with trailer lighting and cosmetic fixes have no significant impact on the heavy equipment’s performance and function. But, in the interest of protecting your investment, these small repairs need to be made the next time the unit is in for maintenance.

Additionally, it is often the small outstanding maintenance issues that are a major source of discontent with your drivers and operators who often take great pride in the state of their heavy equipment. And you can’t blame them. After all, it’s their office.

Using the maintenance reminder feature in Fleet Harmony's fleet maintenance software functions like a electronic sticky note.

In organizations that do not have a good fleet maintenance software solution in place, the small maintenance reminders are easily overlooked.

Small repairs are relayed verbally to management who make note of it somewhere. Some record it in a spreadsheet. Some write it on a scratch or note pad. And some call their mechanic or shop foreman, and leave it up to them to remember to fix the issue when the unit comes in for maintenance.

Fleet Harmony – Online Fleet maintenance software allows you to set maintenance reminders for your fleet from your PC or smart phone, regardless of where you are. It is ideal for those busy fleet managers who are seldom in one location for long.

With Fleet Harmony – Online Fleet maintenance software, maintenance reminders are displayed prominently on both the main dashboard screen and on the equipment status report. Having this front and centre keeps you, as a fleet manager, constantly advised about the maintenance tasks. It allows for you and your staff to plan, schedule, and perform the repair. It is extremely handy in situations where parts must be ordered in, or go on back order.

Additionally, when a maintenance work order is created for the unit, reminders are displayed on the screen. This helps prevent the reminder from being overlooked and gives you the opportunity to address it before it leaves the shop.

Managing heavy equipment maintenance reminders is easy within Fleet Harmony.

When saving a work order for a unit that has a reminder, the system automatically prompts you asking if you would like to clear the reminder. A simple click on the Yes button clears the reminder.

You can also clear the reminder on the main fleet list page. Simply scroll to the unit in the list and click on the reminder for the unit. Click the X in the textbox to clear.

Need help managing equipment maintenance reminders?

Fleet Harmony online fleet management software is unlike anything on the market today and can help free your time and save money, while gaining control of your fleet and heavy equipment maintenance.

It is super easy to use and is available 24/7 over the Internet from your PC or smart phone.

Additionally, Fleet Harmony online fleet management software includes an IFTA calculator to make IFTA reporting easier and less of an administrative challenge. This is especially true for those organizations that use handwritten forms and an IFTA spreadsheet to process their quarterly IFTA report.

Have questions? Need more information? Visit us on the web at

Fleet Harmony delivers real world fleet software solutions to ensure your fleet maintenance and management goals are met and achieved.

And as a reminder to you, Fleet Harmony provides shipment tracking software, iSeries / AS400 consulting and software design services for those organizations with specialized needs.

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