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Warranty Reporting & Fleet Harmony Fleet Maintenance Software

You purchase a warranty to guarantee the things you buy are of good quality and don’t contain manufacturing defects. However, keeping track of these in your head or buried away in spreadsheets and filing cabinets will often negate potential warranty claims - especially when the shop is busy.

Warranty tracking software is included with Fleet Harmony fleet maintenance software

Fleet Harmony allows you to monitor warranty as part of an intricate piece of your fleet management strategy. Inspect warranty components before the warranty expires. Never pay for a part under warranty again, and eliminate the need for your accounting staff to chase manufacturers for refunds or credits if they discover an error in warranty.

Fleet Harmony enables you to easily track and monitor both parts and unit warranties with a comprehensive maintenance and reporting system with easy-to-use and intuitive screens.

Managing unit warranty is as easy as importing the detailed warranty components as provided by the manufacturer to Fleet Harmony, and applying this warranty structure to the units that are applicable. It’s that simple - the system takes care of the rest.

As each of the components of the warranty approach expiration, they are highlighted in a reminder section on the main dashboard screen that is displayed upon initial sign-on to the system.

You can run management reports to get a detailed breakdown of what units are expiring and when. You can also quickly access warranty information from the equipment and work order screens; providing your service supervisors and technicians with instant access and the tools they need to head off warranty-related issues - before they become administration problems requiring the involvement of other staff or yourself.

With Fleet Harmony, date-activated parts warranty is entered at the time that the part is used - when you most likely have the invoice and warranty information at hand. The system automatically saves this information, and applies it the next time the same part is used on other units in your fleet.

The Work Order screen is integrated with parts warranty. When you attempt to use a part on an item whereby warranty exists for the part, a warning is issued and you are alerted by the system.

Fleet Harmony's online fleet maintenance software is an affordable and attractive option, especially for smaller fleets. It is available over the internet, giving you greater access. With Fleet Harmony, you work one-on-one with software design services who will guide you through the step by step installation process.

Warranty tracking software is only one reason why Fleet Harmony is right for you. Are you aware that Fleet Harmony also provides shipment tracking software? Want to learn more?

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