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What is CMMS software?

Often times when people speak of CMMS software, it is put in the context of some magical or mystical thing that people are in awe of. It isn’t!

CMMS simply stands for computerized maintenance management system. It is also sometimes referred to as CMMIS (computerized maintenance management information system). At Fleet Harmony, we call it fleet maintenance software.

Got a question on our fleet maintenance software?

Fleet Harmony takes the mystery out of maintenance software with our easy-to-use screens and reports. It allows you to schedule maintenance tasks, complete work orders, track warranty, process IFTA fueltax and driver payroll, manage fuel purchases, generate reports, and more.

How to know if you need it?

If your answer yes to any of the following, CMMS software is probably worth your consideration.

  • You’re the owner of a small fleet and take care of all back office administration yourself. If you are lucky, your wife or partner does it for you.

  • Your fleet has 20 or more pieces of equipment and your fleet maintenance record keeping consists of paper forms, spreadsheets, and your accounting package that you jam in a filing cabinet.

  • You frequently make decisions regarding fleet maintenance history based on memory.

  • You manage equipment repairs at multiple locations.

  • Your other job duties often take priority over managing your fleet’s maintenance.

  • You failed a fleet audit conducted by your insurance company or other legislative body and have been instructed by them to implement CMMS software.

Where to start?

There is lots of information on the internet. Countless software titles are available worldwide. Researching these can be overwhelming. Using the product of one of the major providers may be an option, but most are costly to purchase and install with expensive annual software maintenance fees. You end up paying for a lot of program features you don’t need. If you are a small or medium-sized fleet, these most likely are not good options for your organization.

Alternatively, Fleet Harmony - Online Fleet management is available on the Cloud for a fraction of the cost. It is very easy-to-use and loaded with features and reports.

We believe Fleet Harmony is the best on the market today for small and medium-sized fleets. We actually take the time to understand the uniqueness of your operation, your goals, and your needs before offering a solution. Recognizing the uniqueness of every company, we provide customized minor tweaks to the majority of our software solutions at no extra charge.

Fleet Harmony Fleet maintenance software can be purchased via subscription at a price that is affordable. The subscription includes setup, usage, and unlimited training and support from a live person. It also includes future updates and enhancements to the software. We continually add new features to the software.

Still confused?

Give us a call toll free at 844-527-6669.

Fleet Harmony – fleet management / CMMS software can help you save time and better manage your equipment assets.

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