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Why Leave Behind Paper-based Fleet Maintenance Tracking

You understand the importance of staying on top of your fleet’s maintenance and service records to keep your fleet running at peak efficiency and staying in compliance with your insurance policy and commercial vehicle laws and bylaws. You also understand that fleet maintenance information consistency and accuracy are key when decisions need to be made. And you are probably reading this because you are using a manual paper-based fleet maintenance system and may have even been stung with a bad fleet decision, or got lucky and can foresee it.

Put manual paper-based fleet maintenance in your rear view mirror.

Consistency and accuracy rarely go hand in hand when organizations deploy a hand written work order solution. These pieces of paper are usually accompanied by a series of fleet maintenance spreadsheets and whiteboards. The problem with manual paper-based fleet maintenance is that there are virtually no controls on the information that is being captured. And when times get busy, consistency and accuracy goes out the window.

Organizations will often double and triple their efforts (time) transposing maintenance information to spreadsheets and whiteboards, contributing to the potential for more errors, omissions, and inconsistencies.

Part warranty management, inventory management, and core charge tracking are virtually non existent with a manual system. Yet, unclaimed part warranty can add up to 4 percent of all part purchases and some core charges can amount to thousands of dollars. Imagine the administration nightmare of manually tracking every part that was repaired, replaced, or has a core charge, for every unit!

Maintenance planning and scheduling is hampered and limited to whiteboards that often don't get updated, resulting in preventative maintenance services being missed entirely or completed too frequently. More time and money wasted.

If you have more than 20 pieces of equipment in your fleet and you are making decisions based on the manual paper-based fleet maintenance system, you are not getting the complete maintenance picture without expending a exorbitant amount of administration effort.

Fleet Harmony's Fleet Maintenance Software System

Fleet Harmony's affordable cloud-based fleet maintenance software has built-in controls on the information that is being captured. Therefore, accuracy is always consistent in 1 central repository containing all fleet maintenance information.

The maintenance tracking process is streamlined and simplified, and redundant administration tasks are eliminated. Its super easy to use and recording maintenance is faster than a manual paper-based fleet maintenance tracking.

Part management, as well as inventory management is easy, with automatic part warranty reminders built-in to the system. Never miss a part warranty or core charge again!

Maintenance planning and scheduling reminders are also built into the system. Know in advance when scheduled maintenance is coming due.

Monitoring and managing your fleet’s expenses has never been easier. Fleet Harmony's online fleet maintenance software system works on your web browser with the same SSL security protocols used by the banks. Work from home without the need to purchase additional computer hardware or software.

Instantly harness lots of handy and useful maintenance reports to help you make informed decisions about your fleet. No need to sift through and print mounds of data, often from one or more fleet maintenance spreadsheets as well as your accounting software.

Don’t know where to start? Contact Fleet Harmony to discuss your fleet maintenance management needs. Fleet Harmony will work with you step by step to ensure your transition to our cloud-based fleet maintenance software is painless, easy, and successful.

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